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December 23, 2016


I think you shouldnt have added the fresh cranberries, I bet they were a tad bit too juicy :)

Hi I'mJacobsmom!

Yes, the cranberries added some juice, by there weren't many in there. The problem was the crust. It was difficult to work with....wasn't real pliable....maybe too dry? It would crack or break as I tried to lift the eges over to the top, leaving holes or gaps in the crust, allowing the juices to come out. I'm sure I should have added a bit more cold water to it to make it easier to work with.

I'll definitely use the recipe again as it has an amazing taste. It has egg and vinegar in it to make it flakey (Ree wrote).

Looks yummy! Merry Christmas, Dana!

I made one, too...sending you a pic thru email...
I know how good yours tasted...and I love her, too...cute as a button and so down to earth....hope your Christmas was good...ours surely was. :)

oops...can't find an email address for you...and you are a NO REPLY when you leave a comment....so I'm putting a pic of my rustic pie on my sidebar...come look at it..

i did use her recipe...i am thinking you may have tried to pull your crust up too high on the fruit filling...i had too much fruit at first and it kept falling out of the crust...but, as you say, it tasted so good, I didn't care that mine looked a little strange...I tell you, I have had to toss so many recipes that I've tried from blogs and pinterest...but never one of HER recipes. She is sooo good.

Yum! I make those, too. I call them galettes. Our favorite is fresh peaches with blackberries, but we love every one we have ever made.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks".♥♥♥

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