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January 13, 2017


It is so fun to learn something new

We got 10"+ and super cold weather over weekend. 70 degrees yesterday here in central VA. I STOCKED UP ON M&m and ameretto.

so glad you are prepared...praying you and all those you love will be warm and safe. love to you

Some people have said we are getting bad weather...others have said it is bypassing...I guess I need to check. Maybe we should have a cozy Snow Day today in any case. :-)
Stay safe and warm!

I was going up your way this morning however the ice storm which hasn't amounted to much in Columbia has kept me home. Both my sister and daughter said stay home. I texted my niece in Lee's Summit and she said they didn't have anything yesterday afternoon.
There was a shop I really wanted to visit.
Looks like you and your stone rabbit is prepared just like me . Guess I'll go rearrange a dish safe instead of traveling today .

This wild weather is something else! Many prayers for my friends to the East of me. Our son is in Salina, Kansas, at school and we keep talking with him. We have been in the deep freeze and we are blessed with sunshine but somedays even the sun strains to get through the dark clouds and bitter cold.
we will be watching the play off games. I will root for the Chiefs as I a a fan of my neighbors! I just can not root for the Patriots so when the NFC winner is announced I am hoping it will be my oldest daughter's favorite team, the Cowboys. she was blessed to see a game at their stadium this past September. She brought me a Jason Whitten shirt as he is one remarkable fellow. Our Broncos fell short and we have the worst front office, never bulking up that Oline! UGH!
Stay safe and warm and I will be praying you all keep your power up and running during this icy storm. xo

You did make it work! Good job, Dana. And, Happy Pink Saturday to you and TSR, too.

We got lots of ice, too, but we finally made it out. And, now the ice is all gone. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, but bravely, I made it through with no pink cuppycakes. Apparently they don't think we need pink cuppycakes in this part of the country.

This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks".

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