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July 01, 2017


We are having the whole gang here on Tuesday, fire pit smores, grilled burgers, hotdogs, pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad and desserts. Did you get all that and NOT go to the frig? There are lots of little ones so it will be so much fun.

Woo hoo - you have more humidity than here in Bangkok right now! Sorry to sound so ungracious and this is said with massive sympathy, as we are new here and so I am learning to "cope" with hot and humid!! I can't bear the heat either, let alone imagine running 10km in it. Well done you :)
My son did exactly the same thing 10 years ago just as we were going on holiday! The worse job now is checking whether it has come out the other end!! In fact I am wishing I had kept the 5c Euro and returned it back to him for a laugh on his 21st Birthday! Anyway great news that it has moved!
Wren x

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